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Revolutionary platform for Streaming Data Performance Monitoring

Streamdal is the first of its kind for streaming data, tailored to real-time monitoring and observability of data on streaming platforms.

Streamdal was created by Ustin and Dan in the summer of 2020 as a result of wanting a better experience for observing and acting on data that passes through messaging systems.

They observed that as distributed systems are increasingly growing in complexity, the ability to observe the data within the systems becomes exponentially more difficult.

While the typical approach to this problem is to build a data pipeline and hire a team of data engineers to tend to it, Ustin and Dan wanted to build a self-serve platform that does not require any prior data engineering experience or a Fortune 100 budget.

After building a prototype to observe protobuf encoded data that passes through Kafka, they submitted a business idea to YCombinator and were accepted into the Summer 2020 cohort.

Shortly afterward, they were able to raise their pre-seed round and continue to evolve the prototype into a full-fledged product.

Today, Streamdal is trusted by hundreds of companies that need deeper insight into their complex data systems.

The Board

Ustin Zarubin


Daniel Selans


Kelley Mak


Priyanka Somrah


The team

Streamdal exists because of the team that built it. We love our team.


Capable of tackling any problem

Extremely humble

Extremely versatile

Extremely passionate

May 2020


  • Ustin and Dan identify that modern distributed systems provide poor visibility into the data that flows through their streaming and messaging systems.
  • Ustin and Dan develop a prototype capable of decoding and viewing complex data, in real-time, for streaming and messaging systems (Kafka & RabbitMQ).


July 2020

YCombinator & $1.5M Pre-seed

  • The prototype works but is not production-ready and has a lot of rough edges. Decide that we are ready to take it to the next level.
  • Ustin convinces Dan to submit to YCombinator.
  • YCombinator accepts us, the Batch company is formed and we soon raise a pre-seed round that enables us to hire our first two, dedicated engineers and build a production-ready platform.

Oct 2021

Platform is built

  • The prototype is replaced by a newly built, highly scalable platform that is capable of ingesting 100,000 events/second
  • Platform is ready to take in production traffic.



April 2022

Initial Customers

  • We are ready to test-drive the platform and acquire several customers, each with their own set of unique requirements.
  • The initial customer base proves the platform's usefulness and we now gain valuable insight into the next steps for the platform.

Sept 2022

$5.4M Seed Round

  • In order for Batch to grow, the company and the platform needed to expand - all of which would require significant capital. We realized it was time to seek additional investment.
  • We identified the perfect investors and were able to raise a $5.4M seed round that is being used for the next stage in our company growth - further building out our team, product, and a rebrand from Batch to Streamdal.

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