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Pricing Made Simple

Pay Only For What You Use

Pay As You Go

Flexible pricing that grows with your business.

Usage-based Discounts

Discounts trigger automatically as your usage increases.

Straightforward Pricing

Pricing is based on number of events processed and number of gigabytes stored.

100% Self-serve

All features are available all the time, without having to talk to sales.



  • Access to all features
    • Ingest
    • Stream Observability
    • Data & Schema Monitoring
    • Functions/Transformations
    • One-time & Continuous Replays
    • Data Lake Hydration
    • Smart Dead Letter
  • 10K Events per Month - Free
  • Usage-based pricing
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Every feature plus:

  • SSO
  • On-prem deployment
  • Large volume discounts
  • Dedicated support
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Simple, usage-based pricing -

Events processed per month.

Focus on your


instead of CPU, RAM, IOPS or number of transactions and forecasts.

1 Collection = $30/month

A collection is our primary unit for grouping data.
Think "this collection contains billing data from topics A and C".

  • 100K Ingest Events
  • 10K Function Calls
  • 10K Monitor Calls
  • 10K Event Replays
  • 1K Dead Letter Events
  • 10GB LTS (long-term storage)
  • 7 days of retention
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10K Ingest Events

Any payload that the Streamdal collectors ingest counts towards this - regardless of how the data was sent to Streamdal - via an agent, the HTTP API, or the gRPC API.



10K Replay Events

Events that are replayed from the Streamdal platform to your systems.



10K Function Calls

Functions allow you to transform ingested or replayed data, perform dead-letter fixes or implement your own monitoring rules via a Javascript function.



10K Monitor Calls

Monitor for data quality, data semantics, schema changes, stream rates and more.



10K Dead Letter Events

Ability to address and fix events that had schema problems or could not be processed by your consumers.



Days of Search Retention per 10K Events

How long your data remain searchable in our console.



Additional 1GB Long Term Storage (LTS)

When Streamdal ingests data, it can optionally store it in LTS such as AWS S3 or Google's Object Store in parquet format. This is most useful for creating backups of your systems or hydrating a data lake with normalized and sanitized data.



Additional 1GB LTS + Bring Your Own Bucket (BYOB)

Save money by providing your own AWS S3 bucket or Google Object Store for Streamdal to save data directly to it.



1 x Hosted Agent

Streamdal hosts, monitors, and manages the

data collection agent.



Dedicated Support

White glove, dedicated support to support your organization's needs with Streamdal.



Estimate your costs

Use our Streaming Data Performance Monitoring usage calculator to estimate your monthly costs.


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