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Monitoring and Alerts for Streaming Data Architectures

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Monitoring streaming data in distributed systems presents a challenge for most organizations. While many tools can monitor metrics, few can monitor the actual data flowing through complex systems.

Streamdal can observe, monitor, and alert on data flowing through any streaming data system, regardless of the infrastructure or data encoding. This is all done in real-time.

Monitoring beyond metrics

One major challenge of streaming data architectures is monitoring the actual data flowing through your systems. Streamdal provides observability into your streams through granular monitors and automation. You can use Streamdal’s powerful features to work with and manipulate your data as your systems scale and mature.

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Monitors and alerts

Streamdal allows you to monitor for PII, specific fields, rate, and much more. You can even monitor the most bespoke, specific-to-your-business logic through custom functions. We support Slack, PagerDuty, and email for alerting.


Smart Dead-Letter Queue

When a monitor is triggered, you can do more than just shim to a regular DLQ. With our Smart Dead-Letter Queue, you can have a place to observe, stage, and fix bad data. You can set up alerts for messages entering this DLQ, and leverage functions to automate fixes while you update service logic.



With Streamdal you can operate, filter, and run functions on collected data. Currently, we support Javascript, Typescript, AssemblyScript (WASM), Rust, and TinyGo. Data can be cleaned and prepared for downstream consumption, or filtered to help reduce costs on logging or data warehousing solutions.



Ingested data can be replayed to any destination. A continuous, automated pipeline or ad-hoc as you need it. Leveraging replays, you can effectively reprocess data, significantly reduce incident recovery time, facilitate disaster recovery mechanisms, multiplex data, and much more.


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An All-In-One Data Platform

    Tap Data Streams

    See inside any event driven architecture at any scale. Enable teams to deliver complex features faster, less bug-prone, and improve their SLOs.

    Anomaly Detection Engine

    Detect PII, ensure data uses expected types and has valid contents. Use serverless functions to implement custom anomaly checks on pre-decoded data.


    We support a huge, ever-evolving list of integrations for most data-related systems. All integrations have first-class support and are ready for production-grade use.


    Define functions in any language to perform complex monitoring tasks, strip sensitive information from in-flight data or create a one-time function to fix data in our Smart DLQ.

    Smart Dead Letter Queue

    Stage dead-lettered data, perform one-off or mass-fixes using custom functions on pre-decoded data and replay the results to any destination.

    Monitor & Alert

    See beyond performance metrics, and answer exactly why something is breaking. Give your DevOps teams split second reaction times when things go bad.

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