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beyond metrics

Visibility into real-time data at any scale. Deliver complex features faster, less bug-prone, and improve your SLOs

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Tap Data Streams

Visualize your data streams

See inside any event driven architecture at any scale. Enable teams to deliver complex features faster, less bug-prone, and improve their SLOs.

Monitor and Alert

Monitor and alert on issues, beyond metrics

Improve observability into difficult to debug places. See beyond performance metrics, and answer exactly Why something is breaking. Give your DevOps teams split second reaction times when things go bad.

Anomaly Detection Engine

Identify Anomalies

Detect PII, ensure data uses expected types and has valid contents. Use serverless functions to implement custom anomaly checks on pre-decoded data.


Run Serverless Functions Against In-Flight Data

Define functions in any language to perform complex monitoring tasks,strip sensitive information from in-flight data or create a one-time function to fix data in our Smart DLQ.

Smart Dead Letter Queue

DLQ Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Visualize and manage the contents of all of your dead-letter queues. Stage dead-lettered data, perform one-off or mass-fixes using custom functions on pre-decoded data and replay the results to any destination.

Stream Lineage and Tracing

coming soon

Tracing data paths inside and outside your cloud

Give your team knowledge into any event in your stream through a transaction ID. Giving you the ability to see how data flows through your features.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Our platform supports a huge, ever-evolving list of integrations for most data-related systems. All integrations have first-class support and are ready for production-grade use.

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