Let’s Rolllllll

by Daniel Selans Daniel Selans

Hi. I am Dan and we are Streamdal.

We are a YCombinator (S20) company made up of nerds who enjoy working on complicated, fairly low-level things like using web assembly to run client-side data pipelines. Neat!

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Over the past three years, we have worked in some seriously dark corners of bleeding-edge tech that often involves figuring out creative solutions for problems that aren’t discussed on StackOverflow, Medium, or in a GitHub issue.

Aside from engineering, we’ve also been heavily plugged into the early-stage startup world. We’ve pitched, raised money, held board meetings, and have stayed up countless nights trying to figure out optimal messaging, go-to-market strategies, and whatnot else.

And this entire time, we’ve mostly kept this stuff to ourselves…

… partly because writing quality content is hard 🤷‍♂

All of this is to say that we’ve probably been doing a disservice to ourselves and the world by not sharing some of these findings. We’ve benefited greatly from the thousands of articles, posts (and shitposts), we’ve read over our lifetime. So new year, new us.

From here on out, we’re going to try and share a bit more about the stuff we work on, our AHA moments, our thoughts, and as a result, maybe leave a positive mark on the INTERNET. 😘

To set expectations, here are some of the topics you’ll see us writing about:

  • (Code-native) Pipelines
  • Open source
  • Data eng stuff
  • Web assembly
  • Protobuf
  • gRPC
  • Go
  • Most other “semi-mainstream+ programming languages”
  • Large-scale and/or high-throughput systems
  • Architecture (systems and software)
  • Observability
  • Incidents / outages
  • Data center stuff
  • Startup thoughts

Alright! Let’s do this thing 🤙