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Tue Aug 17 2021

Kafka Basics


Fritz Stauffacher

Below is a tutorial for those new to Kafka. This video covers how to create a basic app. Along the way, you will learn the basics of Kafka and how to use our open-source tool, Plumber, for designing and troubleshooting your application. Later in the video, around the 18-minute mark, we cover how to use batch.sh or any data lake to recover from bad code deploys.

Fritz Stauffacher

DevOps Engineer

Fritz Stauffacher has been working in Data Centers for over 15 years. He has worked in roles such as Sr. Sysadmin, Sr. DevOps engineer, and SRE. Fritz drives system architecture and reliability at Streamdal ensuring customers events are always observable in near real time.

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Wed Feb 08 2023

Announcing Streamdal: A Streaming Data Performance Monitoring Product


Ustin Zarubin

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Wed Oct 19 2022

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