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Thu Mar 25 2021

Real world use cases


Ustin Zarubin

Throughout the process of building Streamdal, we've had many, many, many conversations with various message bus users and have gained a lot of insight into the different ways that folks use these systems.

While most users will benefit from gaining visibility into their message buses, we learned that there is a significant portion of users who have already resolved this problem themselves and have moved on to solving other complex issues such as piping message bus data to other systems or using message bus data to enable recovery.

As a result of these discussions, we have put together the following doc which goes over the different avenues for how Streamdal can further help you achieve your goals.

Some less obvious ways to use our platform:

  1. Use Streamdal replays to facilitate CI
    • Feed real events into your tests
  2. Use Streamdal for hydrating your data lake
    • Streamdal writes ALL data it captures on a message bus as optimized parquet files which are then stored on S3 (and can be queried using Athena)
  3. Use Streamdal replays for load testing
    • Replays can send thousands of requests per second to a destination of your choice - HTTP, RabbitMQ, Kafka, etc. making it an effective tool for load testing your systems.

You can check out the Streamdal documentation for more information.

NOTE: If you use your messaging system in a way that is not listed in the doc - we would love to hear from you and see how we could mold our platform to enable your goals. Contact us!

Ustin Zarubin


Ustin is the co-founder and CEO of Streamdal. He is a physicist turned computer scientist that has evolved into a startup junkie. Ustin is an experienced Elixir and Go developer that is obsessed with building products that people want. Ustin is passionate about excellent UX, beautiful design and keeping things simple.

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