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Code-Native Data Privacy

Embed privacy controls in your application code to detect PII as it enters and leaves your systems, preventing it from reaching unintended databases, data streams, or pipelines.
Build trust by eliminating the unknown.

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Real-time Data Views with Data Graph Visualization

Experience the power of a dynamic, bird's-eye view of your producers and consumers as they scale up and down in real-time.

Say goodbye to static solutions that limit the perspective of your data systems, and say hello to a world of insights and analysis that's updated in real time.

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Watch the flow of data through your system come to life with real-time metrics, providing a live visualization of both your
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Data monitoring and insights on the critical path

Monitor data and get insights on producers and consumers from the Data Graph in a single click.

Gain an unmatched understanding of the status of services, and any data anomalies or throughput irregularities with observability into the critical path of real-time data.

Reduce time spent or completely replace slower monitoring tools based around discovering issues with data at rest.
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Leverage the Power of Tailing Real-time Data

We built a tail -f for data traveling through producers and consumers. Peek offers both a one-click interactive platform or CLI to seamlessly view real-time data in a user-friendly, JSON-like format.

Embrace the future of data discovery and gain instant access to your real-time data. Rapidly identify root-cause issues or audit data compliance fidelity by viewing the actual data in motion.

Interactive Platform

Command-Line Interface

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Schema Intelligence, Maximized

Re-writing or gluing together schema tooling is for the birds. Propel your feature development with upstream schema intelligence and break free from manually policing schemas!

Streamdal will automatically interpret and decode schemas while streamlining validation, and adding a turnkey schema registry for every producer and consumer.

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Rule-sets for real-time action

Avoid the expensive data processing ping-pong and add data validation and integrity within your data graph. Streamdal is a firewall for your data.

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Simplified, Rule-Based Data Validation

Simplified, Rule-Based Data Validation

Create or select preset rules from the data graph and reuse them limitlessly.

Instead of if/else or log parsing madness, you can effortlessly validate and maintain data consistency as the data is produced.

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Data Content Enforcement

Data Content Enforcement

Easily ensure data is always in expected formats and get alerted on potential quality violations or anomalies.

Quarantine bad data in real-time for repair so that it never impacts production or critical environments.

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Automate PII Data Protection

Automate PII Data Protection

Enforce geographical boundaries or block sensitive data from reaching unauthorized locations.

With Streamdal, you can use rules to quarantine PII/PHI from data in flight.

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SDKs for your apps and data sources

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Connect swiftly to Streamdal for real-time observability, upstream data validation, and streamlined data management.


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